WRIT 340: Advanced Writing for the Arts and Humanities

Course Description and Objectives

This class builds on the argumentative, rhetorical, stylistic, and organizational skills you began cultivating at the beginning of your college career in WRIT 150 (or its equivalent) and have since developed in in writing produced both in and outside your academic major. Our goal will be to enhance and refine your writing skills within the immediate academic context of the Arts and Humanities, while simultaneously remaining mindful of the uses for these skills that you will likely confront in your professional life beyond USC.

Our goal will be to enhance and refine your writing skills within the immediate academic context of the Social Sciences.

In general, I want to encourage you to view WRIT 340 as a class on professional and advanced academic writing, and to that end, to embrace the opportunity this course gives you to produce written works of superior quality worthy of consideration by respected members of your field. Part of our focus in the course will be on the practices and study of selected types of discourse within your specific fields. To that end, you will examine rhetorical issues related to writing in your professional contexts—particularly how differing rhetorical situations alter purpose, audience, writer, text, and genre practices.

Academic Disciplines in the Arts and Humanities:

Classics, History, Languages, Linguistics, Literature, Performing Arts (Music, Theater, Dance), Philosophy, Religion, and Visual Arts (Art History, Drawing, Painting), Film, Game Design/Study

WRIT 340 Course Goals

  • Develop methods of inquiry allowing you to question, research, read, write, and reflect on professional discursive practices
  • Identify and address specific audiences with authority and persuasiveness
  • Discover and convey complex ideas critically
  • Appreciate the nuances of good argument
  • Understand how writers adapt to professional contexts
  • Write clear, grammatical, well-structured prose
  • Exhibit communication practices in addition to writing, such as oral and visual presentation skills

Relevant Course Materials (PDF format):


Writing Project One: Developing Solutions to Professional Problems

Writing Project Two: Analysis of Professional Discourse Communities

Writing Project Three: Professional Argument Using a Primary Source

Writing Project Four: Writing in the Public Sphere: Summary and Response