ENG 301: Writing for the Professions

Course Description and Objectives

ENG 301 is designed to introduce students to writing within professional discourse communities. Specifically, the course focuses on the practice and study of selected types of discourse employed in professional workplace situations and helps prepare students for the different kinds of writing and document production they will encounter in their professional lives. Towards that end, students will examine rhetorical issues related to documents found and used in professional contexts; particularly how differing rhetorical situations alter purpose, audience, writer, and text. Students will discover those documents, examine them, report on them, and model their own writing on them. Throughout this discovery process, students will engage in the writing process, including invention activities, drafting and revising, peer evaluation, group discussions, editing, and project collaboration. Please note that ENG 301 is not an academic writing course—it is designed to improve your workplace writing competence as well as foster your development as an emerging professional.

Course Goals

The purpose of this course is for students to

  • Transition from academic to professional/business writing
  • Understand how a writer adapts to professional contexts
  • Question the strategies appropriate to various professional discourses
  • Develop methods of inquiry allowing you to continue to research, question, read, write, and reflect on professional discursive practices within your chosen profession
  • Utilize various strategies and organizational techniques in the writing process
  • Develop collaborative group communication and writing skills
  • Develop strategies to facilitate communication across ethnic and/or business cultures
  • Exhibit visual presentation skills

Relevant Documents (PDF format):


Workplace Ethics Report

Social Media Practices Proposal

Employment Project